How to heal a cut on your penis

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Normally a few scrapes on the penis is not alarming. Nifty erotic sex story porn pics. How can i heal a cut on my penis.

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Are you into hot fuck irani porn images. During circumcision, part of the skin of the penis, called the foreskin, is cut off. This should make having sex more comfortable and reduce the risk of the frenulum tearing again.

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Penis is highly vascular and it will heal by itself. Go to a gp or genitourinary medicine gum clinic if you have regular bleeding or discomfort because your penis is torn.

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If you see you have an open wound on your penis and are unsure of where it came from, it is imperative you seek a doctor. Greatest compilation of galilea montigo cogiendo porn clips. Oh and keep sharp objects away from your penis in the future.